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Editing solver: Gravitational potential energy
Editing guides
ui.xml is the xml file defining how a widget will look and its structure, as well as the names of the math expression when they are put into the python code.
In an equation solver widget, it can have the following xml tags:
text: the text that shows up as the widget's title
Inner XML:
A leftside and a rightside tag.
<leftside> and <rightside>
Inner XML:
The left and right (of the equal sign) parts of the equation, written in latex text.
Inner XML:
Multiple variable tags.
name: the symbol of the variable. It can be either a single upper or lower case latin letter, like b, or a letter with a subscript of any combination of numbers and letters, like C_{g} and v_{1}.
tags: the special tag of this variable. Can be constant for a scientific constant number, angle for angular measurement, or vector for quantities that can be either a scalar or a vector of multiple values like velocity or acceleration.
value: the value that this symbol represents if it is a constant (i.e. with a tags="constant" attribute).
desc: a description of what this variable represents in the equation.
dimension: the unit dimensions of the quantity this variable represents, in elemental form of up to seven capital letter - signed nonzero integer pairs. For example, a variable representing acceleration will have dimension="L1 T-2", meaning it is consisting of one length(L) unit divided by 2 time(T) units. See relevant wikipedia section
* The angle and vector values for the tags attribute and the dimension attribute currently does not serves any purpose but it is still good to document the nature of variables in equations. defines a wiki-styled editable article that, while not affecting the widget's behaviour, helps users understands the topic of what's the current widget is about by explaining topics such as the math foundation needed to understand the algorithm, the logic behind it, and how to use it.
The file is just written out in CommonMark markdown format with some MathJax added to it.

Simple guide
Official termYou write in the fileIt show up as
Header# Foo


Italic bold***foo***foo
Horizontal ruler***
Inline blockquote
Unordered list- a
- b
  • a
  • b
Latex math equation\\( e^{2x} \\)\( e^{2x} \)
python math engine is loading... (0/2)
You can press the 'solve' or 'compute' button inside the preview once the engine has loaded.
Preview of the widget
Before submitting, make sure the widget has a fully functional user interface, well formatted wikium, and runs correctly when the 'solve' or 'compute' button is pressed.
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